Yellow gold is paving its way in the jewellery trends and it is coming back strong.

Gold, as well known, is a symbolism of purity and prosperity. Yellow gold gains its color because of its natural state and it does not have to be adulterated to give it the hues of golden color. It has been in the market since the centuries and since the beginning, it has been synonymous to beauty, glitter and style. It adds a different charm to your look and never fails to make you stand out if you carry it like a pro!

Talking about jewellery trends, yellow gold had been around for long long time but in past few years, people preferred white gold jewellery because of a gleaming and modern look it gave. It had become a benchmark for jewellery freaks and also became the favorite of all the brides. Because yellow gold was in trend for a long time, people considered it old and weary and prefered white gold to yellow gold. It overpowered the demand of yellow gold.

The past trends always return, just in a better way. And so is with yellow gold. It has come back in action as the trends are shifting back to vintage-inspired jewellery. Trends say that people are asking for yellow gold jewellery more and more day by day as it is again. It is being considered as ‘Wear-it-with-any-outfit’ and people are looking forward to it buy it.

Yellow gold is potent enough to flatter any of your looks. Because of its color and it’s qualities, it was considered as a symbol of wealth but now, it is looked upon as a vintage jewellery and something quirky proving that yellow gold is not going anywhere for a long time again.

Yellow gold is considered to be pure, but it is not as pure as it is talked about. Pure yellow gold is too soft to make jewellery out of it and it is quite difficult to maintain as it might misshape under pressure so there are other metals are added in order to improve the resistance to pressure. Also, yellow gold jewellery is easy to maintain and stays lustrous and glittering till the end.

In the jewellery trends 2018, yellow gold jewellery will be having a noticeable demand and people will be opting for yellow gold. Asymmetric earrings have already started rocking and these in yellow gold will not fail to steal glances. Also, chained necklaces in yellow gold will help you make a statement giving a touch of punk and rock. This year is going to be a blend of yellow gold jewellery and the super quirky earrings which will make heads turn.

All in all, yellow gold is sure to heat the trends up this year and it is going to help every woman combat that ‘Which jewellery do I put on today?’ situation.