There are two types of women in this world. One who loves the necklace or one who loves the diamond a or gold necklace. That’s right. There is no woman who dislikes the idea of putting on a necklace or a neck piece because they make one look beautiful and add an extra bit of confidence. The only thing constant about gold or diamond necklaces is that they always trend. Trends change but the love of women for necklaces is the same.

Like each piece of jewellery, even diamond necklaces were worn as a symbol of emotional expression and strengthening of romance. Diamond or gold necklaces were prevalent back then in the realms of Kings and they were believed to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity. But these days, necklaces are worn for adding hues of modern to the outfit.

Elegance or beauty, punk or grunge, chic or decent, delicate or heavy, necklaces can work your outfit like magic. Necklaces are potent enough to make a statement. No wonder, celebs make heads turn wearing a statement neck piece. Necklaces can give an edge to the look and that’s why they are loved so much. Also, necklaces make a great gift for a woman, something they will cherish forever because jewellery always fits.

Necklaces are bifurcated considering their length. From chokers to lariat necklaces, the length of necklace you wear should depend on the length of your neck and neckline.

  • Chokers are usually 13-16 inches and chokers can spice up a Boho look or a simple and classic summer look. Chokers have been in trend for quite some time and they have been one of the hottest accessories. They can make your look elegant in a formal attire and give a dash of chic to your cocktail party dress
  • Princess necklaces are some 17-19 inches and these necklaces work like a charm with high necklines or V necks. Also, wearing them with scoop neck will enhance the charm and you can flaunt it as much as you want to.
  • The Opera necklaces are 29- 35 inches long and these necklaces are long enough to double it and make it a double-stranded necklace. These would go well with turtle-neck or boat neck as they contrast the pattern well. They are completely worth it and can modify your dinner date or weekend party night
  • Lariat necklaces are longer than 35 inches and three-stranded necklaces can be made out of it. These diamond necklaces can go well with strapless dresses. Also, they can be layered and so do great with casual and can sharpen your look.

So always choose the right one and have one for different gold or diamond necklines. You don't want to look disastrous in putting on a wrong gold necklace, one of the basic accessories. May it be a routine neck-piece or something flashy, you can always rely on this trinket to make you look the way you want.