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  1. Not All Jewellery Is Gaudy, Some Are Even NECKLACES.

    There are two types of women in this world. One who loves the necklace or one who loves the diamond a or gold necklace. That’s right. There is no woman who dislikes the idea of putting on a necklace or a neck piece because they make one look beautiful and add an extra bit of confidence. The o

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  2. Yellow Gold Back In Action!

    Yellow gold is paving its way in the jewellery trends and it is coming back strong.

    Gold, as well known, is a symbolism of purity and prosperity. Yellow gold gains its color because of its natural state and it does not have to be adulterated to give it the hues of golden color. It has been in the market since the

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  3. Jewellery Trends 2018

    Jewellery is one thing that will never go out of style and something that always incites the desire to say ‘Just one more’. It is something that gives a woman a sharp edge look. The key element to a woman’s appearance, jewellery has the power to transition the look of a woman to completely traditional to completely classy and dapper.
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  4. The Essentials Of Office Look

    Jewellery is something without which their look is incomplete and women, who always have that ‘How I look’ attitude, will not step out without pairing their outfit with the most perfect jewellery. Perfect jewellery entails the thought of ‘which piece do I put on’. A piece made of gold might help you slay your office outfit.

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  5. 5 Tips To Choose The Best Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

    Diamonds can always a give a glittering smile, and unimaginable shine in the eyes of every woman. And if she gets a diamond on her ring finger, then she might go speechless as well. But if you want to make her speechless with a node, you need to get the best diamond ring for your Woman. We will be discussing 5 tips to ch

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