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  1. 5 Tips To Choose The Best Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

    Diamonds can always a give a glittering smile, and unimaginable shine in the eyes of every woman. And if she gets a diamond on her ring finger, then she might go speechless as well. But if you want to make her speechless with a node, you need to get the best diamond ring for your Woman. We will be discussing 5 tips to ch

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  2. Here are 5 Legendary Pieces of jewellery to Make You Envious

    Like any other luxury in life, buying good jewellery is not an easy task. Taking a final decision in picking the right jewellery piece for you becomes even more challenging because of all the available options in the market. In the end, buying patterns come down to personal preferences and individual style. Your wardrobe too plays

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  3. Getting hitched? Here are 5 things to know before you buy THE ring!

    Wedding ring, the most significant part of Indian Bridal Jewellery was believed to be a symbol of eternal love & commitment. But, it is now adulterated with wealth and materialism. “Bigger the size of diamond wealthier must be the BOY” is what many people think of wedding rings. To adorn themselves girls can get extremely picky and will probably want their wedding rings expensive. An

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  4. 1st TV Commercial

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  5. Diamonds - all you need to know before making a purchase

    The word solitaire has a special place for everyone and everybody wants it. In etymology, it means solitaire which means alone. Therefore whenever you see a diamond no matter of any size in any ornament, qualifies as a solitaire.

    For high-class people, solitaire shopping might be a routine affair but for most, it is a rare event which makes them buy this expensive stones.

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